To Catch a Thief: Gal Gadot protagonist of the Alfred Hitchcock remake

The brunette Gal Gadot replaces the blonde Grace Kelly in the remake of To Catch a Thief, one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous masterpieces.

Gal Gadot like Grace Kelly. According to Variety, the Israeli star of Wonder Woman has been hired to star in remake of the classic by Alfred Hitchcock, To hunt the thief.

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In To Catch a Thief, 1955, Alfred Hitchcock gave audiences breathtaking footage of the Riviera, a casual and charming Cary Grant and Grace Kelly at the height of her career.

The new version will be written by Eileen Jones, known for her work on the Fox series Prodigal Son. At the center of the story is a charming retired jewelry thief wrongfully accused of a series of burglaries. To clear his name, the man investigates alone and at the same time flirts with a wealthy widow.

The remake will be produced by Paramount, the studio behind the original. In addition to playing the protagonist, Gal Gadot will produce with his partner Jaron Varsano through their company Pilot Wave, including Neal Moritz among the producers.

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Gal Gadot will soon be in theaters with the long-postponed remake Assassination on the Nile and will play the role of the Evil Queen in Disney’s live action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but in the future the role of the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra awaits her.

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