Titi Fernández recalled her childhood in "MasterChef Celebrity 3": "Less chorear …"

” MasterChef Celebrity 3″ progresses and the complications are becoming more and more noticeable to the participants. One of the famous low profile is Titi Fernandez, who showed that he has ups and downs in the kitchen but it was enough to stay in the competition.

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In addition to his great career as a sports journalist, he brings an emotional story about the death of his daughter Soledad during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. he dedicated one of his preparations since she liked him, which could not prevent her from getting excited in front of the jury and her teammates. This time it was the turn of another aspect of his life to review.

During Thursday’s broadcast, celebrities who had complications in the first days of the week participated. In order to avoid going to the elimination gala, it was necessary to make meatloaf and Titi sought to surprise the judges, although she first had time to remember.

Thanks to a question from Santiago del Moro, the journalist remembered his childhood and revealed some details. “Where do you get the meatloaf?”The driver consulted adding that it is usually a plate that carries over to the first years of life. Meatloaf is a food for people who are not very rich. It is done with a little bit of everything “, explained.

In addition, he commented with a show of emotion: “We were a family of children of separated parents with an old woman who was a lioness. He taught us that in life, except chorear, you had to do everything. On the preparation of the evening, he was sincere: “My old lady made nice meatloaf.”

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