Titanic: a new version will be released in cinemas in February 2023

If you are a fan of James Cameron’s film “Titanic”, know that it will be visible again in the cinema in a new version from February 2023. The love story between Rose and Jack has not finished amaze us.

Titanic: A Quarter Century of Jack and Rose

In December 1997, the film titanic was released on American screens (and on January 7, 1998 in France). After a most chaotic production, which some predicted that Fox would never recover, James Cameron shook the box office.

For twelve yearsthe feature film remained the biggest success in the history of the worldwide box office (excluding inflation) before being dethroned by Avatar, also directed by James Cameron. Today he still occupies third place in the standings behind Avengers: Endgame. But this leading trio could well be shaken up again.

Titanic © 20th Century Studios/Disney

Back to cinema

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the film at the 11 Oscars will be released in theaters in February 2023 in a 3D 4K HDR high-frame rate remastered version. According to Deadlinethis is an output international which will start on February 10, 2023. We can therefore expect to discover this new version in French cinemas next winter. titanic had already returned to the cinema in April 2012, in 3D versionon the occasion of the centenary of the shipwreck.

This new release will add a few million more dollars to the film’s box office, which could thus come back ahead of Endgame. James Cameron also announced thatAvatar would return to theaters in a remastered version in Septemberbefore the arrival of the long-awaited Avatar 2. The latter should certainly come to shake up the world box office. Anyway, Disney, which now owns the licenses of 20th Century Fox, will always come out on top.

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