Tired of waiting to be served, he goes into the kitchen and takes some nuggets

A new video is sweeping in TikTok by the desperate measure — to call it that — of a men not being served in a well-known fast food establishment. What crazy did she do? he entered the kitchen and took a few nuggets in the presence of some employees. “I’m tired of waiting,” he said.

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The name of the subject who broke into the kitchen of a McDonald’s chain establishment is not known, but what is recorded was how he was dressed and what attitude he had against an employee of the place.

As observed in the material shared by the user Merari (), a man, who wore a gray shirt, black pants and tennis shoes, entered the kitchen and grabbed a pair of nuggets from a tray.

All this before the stunned look of one of the employees, who did not even try to stop the subject. Just when he leaves the kitchen and approaches the camera, he hinted that he was not served.

Watch the viral video here

“Sorry, I’m tired of waiting”, were his words. Given this, the manager of the establishment, who wore a green shirt, grabbed his phone to report the case.

He went back to McDonald’s


This seems to indicate that the enraged man did not like it at all, who returned to the establishment and threatened to throw some of the food he was holding at him.

Luckily, the “blood did not reach the river” and the subject left the premises after having consumed a couple of free nuggets. The event took place in the United States and the clip has 1.4 million views on TikTok.

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