Tips to enjoy Mondays and feel motivated

For most people, Monday begins the routine days where school, work or chores take up a large part of the time. How can you enjoy the beginning of the week and fill yourself with energy?

Although it is different for each person, Monday can cause some discomfort in many because it is the day that ends the break of Saturday and Sunday. It means that it is time to return to the routine, go to classes, work or meet different responsibilities.

But if you’re a hater of the Monday, you should know that the feelings you experience are largely due to the perception you have of this day and not just the activities you must do. It is true that there are issues that we cannot change, but changing your attitude towards the beginning of the week will be key to making you feel more comfortable.

So we give you some tips so that you feel motivated on Monday, all these activities will fill you with energy and make you see the good of the day.

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How to have a good Monday and start the week on the right foot?

Respecting your sleep schedule is important every day, but at the beginning of the week it is even more so. If you stay awake from Sunday to Monday, you will most likely wake up tired, wanting to continue sleeping and you could even start all your activities late. From there would be the first problem you would face, so better stick to a correct time of sleep, rest peacefully and you will be able to wake up more easily, but also with a better attitude.

If you woke up on time then there is no excuse not to have breakfast, choose a menu that you really like and that is different from what you eat the rest of the day, this way you will feed yourself and at the same time enjoy a moment that could be everyday, but you will make it unique.

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The night before you can prepare the outfit that you are going to wear, so that you are not rushed to try on different things in front of the mirror. Also, you can be sure that you chose something very cool and that will fill you with confidence to start the day.

  • Make plans beyond homework

Pick something to do when you finish your chores or after work. For example, go shopping, prepare something delicious at home, watch your favorite series or anything that seems entertaining and enjoyable.

Tips to face Monday. | Source: Instagram @parkboyoungonly_

You can take advantage of some free time on this day to practice a sport or go to the gym, but if you are not a fan of exercising, it could be useful to stretch or meditate.

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