Tips | ‘Shang-Chi’, ‘Army of Thieves’ and other streaming releases

With the popularization of streamings, various contents are available faster and faster, as is the case of ‘Shang-Chi’, the great debut of the month of Disney+, which was in theaters a short time ago. With that in mind, we’ve selected some movies for you to check out on the main platforms.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

This weekend’s big premiere is one of the coolest movies of 2021. Marvel is inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee and needs to use his kung fu skills to resolve his troubled family past with his father, the true Mandarin. It’s a fast-paced adventure, with beautifully choreographed fights and ridiculously charismatic characters.

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The hunt (Amazon Prime Video)

A daycare teacher is frustrated with her marriage and files for divorce. As Christmas approaches, his frustrations give way to the Christmas spirit as he awaits his son’s visit. However, his life turns to hell when a five-year-old girl accuses him of sexual abuse. While he awaits his trial, the townspeople begin hunting him for revenge. It’s a fantastic dramatic suspense.

we see each other yesterday (Netflix)

Two Bronx students work on a ridiculously ambitious time machine project. The reason? They want to win the science fair so they can pass a good college. Surprisingly, they manage to make the machines out of scrap metal, but they will soon begin to face the ethical dilemmas and difficulties of time travel. With production of Spike Lee, the film begins with an amusing tone of adventure, but soon shows that it is harder than time traveling to survive the problems plaguing the black community in the USA. A creative and visceral drama.

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crime alliance (HBO Max)

With one of the best transformations of Johnny Depp, crime alliance is a mob movie about an Irish mobster who joins the FBI to crack down on the Italian mob and take advantage of this security breach to expand his business. However, after expanding his scope, a betrayal scheme subverts his expectations, placing the criminal as one of the most wanted in the US. The story is nothing new for fans of this type of film, but Depp’s acting is truly supernatural and brings incredible depth to his criminal.

Army of Thieves: Invasion of Europe (Netflix)

Spin off from Army of the Dead, this movie doesn’t have zombies, but it has an extremely charismatic protagonist and a simple but fun plot. Focused on safecracker, Dieter (Matthias Schweighofer, who also directs the film), the film tells its story before entering the fatal adventure of Las Vegas. In the plot, he is passionate about safes who ends up being invited to a safecracker tournament. He wins easily and ends up being called upon to steal legendary safes around the world. It’s a fun adventure with all the classic elements of the heist movies.

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