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After four years and a few months, the FIFA World Cup is finally happening again. Starting this Sunday, the tournament will bring together 32 teams from all over the planet to face each other in the biggest sporting tournament in the world. However, as it is hosted in controversial and distant Qatar, in addition to being held at the end of the year for the first time in history, some people are a little oblivious to the Cup. With that in mind, CinePOP separated five productions that approach the World Cup and the Brazilian National Team from different perspectives. They are documentaries that travel through the culture, eccentricities and controversies of the choice of Qatar as the host of this world cup. Check out!

The mascot of the 2022 World Cup is La’eeb, he is inspired by the scarf that Qataris wear on their heads

A Train to Qatar

This original documentary from ESPN features eight episodes of approximately half an hour each, in which it explores the cities of Qatar, its technologies, cultures and riches, as the country prepares to host the first World Cup in the Middle East. It is a very interesting and informative production, which shows a little of the places and names that will take over the news in the next 30 days.

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FIFA schemes

This four-episode miniseries, approximately one hour each, investigates the backstage of FIFA and the process of choosing future World Cup venues. She follows all the scandals of the former president of the organization, Joseph Blatter, and their cases of corruption. The third episode, in particular, is all focused on the controversial choice of Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup. It brings the reflections of xenophobia and, of course, the corruption of a Middle Eastern country defeating the USA and Japan as possible hosts of the this year’s cup. They are sad, but not surprising, revelations of the dirty behind-the-scenes of this medium.

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Over eight episodes, of approximately half an hour each, this documentary series accompanies six captains of teams that are seeking a place in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Thiago Silva (Brazil), Luka Modric (Croatia) and Aubameyang (Gabon), who play for big clubs and are better known on the international stage. It’s an intense journey behind the scenes of qualifying, showing a little more of the physical and mental challenge that being captain of a national team demands.

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All Or Nothing: Brazilian National Team

the deductible All Or Nothing is very famous in the world of football for exploring like no one else behind the scenes, the most intimate moments of teams, athletes and selections during historic campaigns or tournaments that end in titles. Focused on the Brazilian National Team, this film accompanies the Canarinho Team on its journey to conquer the Copa America 2019which had several differentials: Neymar’s injury that took him out of the competition, the hosting of the World Cup in the country at a time of political ebullition and the coach’s disputed call-ups Tite🇧🇷 It’s interesting to see what the striker’s training, lectures and games are like richarlisoncenter forward called up for the World Cup.

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Brazil 2002: Behind the Scenes of Penta

In this original documentary by Netflixthe direction starts from a point not yet explored in the way of telling the stories of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. In this Cup, won by Brazil, the former belletti took a personal camcorder and made a series of home movies, showing the backstage of the penta in first person. Starting from them, the production tells the Brazilian saga towards the fifth world championship, with interviews of the main players of the Selection and the main defeated opponents.

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THE FIFA World Cup 2022 takes place in Qatar between November 20th and December 18thand will have transmission of the Globoplay🇧🇷

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