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The first weekend of 2023 is accompanied by a special selection of Pop films, those that combine qualities and boast a style that appeals to everyone. And the best part is that we’ve selected newer and older movies, all available on Amazon Prime Video. Check out!

Player #1

After years of betting on historical dramas, Steven Spielberg returned to its origins with this famous popcorn film that brings together the greatest amount of easter eggs of film history. The history of Player #1 takes place in a dystopian future, in which society has become addicted to a first-person game that practically dictates the rules of operation of the real world. When the breeder dies, he holds a three-way hunting contest. easter eggs. The first player to find all three will inherit the game and control of the company. In this context, a young dreamer will join his friends to, within the game, try to find the references before a rival corporation that wants to fill virtual reality with advertisements. All this amid Batmobiles, giant robots and dinosaurs.

Death Congratulates You

Tree is a popular teenager who is experiencing a personal trauma in relation to the loss of her mother. This doesn’t usually affect her day to day so much, but ends up weighing more on her birthday, when she sees her father again and all the sadness seems to return. However, one birthday in particular becomes unforgettable, tragically, as she is murdered by a psychopath wearing a baby mask. The problem is that instead of dying all at once, the girl wakes up again on the day of her death. Trapped in this ‘spell of time’, Tree will try to discover who is her killer and avoid her definitive death. But she has a problem: every time she dies, she returns a little bit more injured. Will she be able to save herself before she dies from the accumulation of injuries? This is one of those horror movies that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which gives it a very pop feel. It’s fun – kind of morbid, it’s true – pure.

A matter of time

Released ten years ago, this film became an instant classic of Pop romances. No wonder he’s the favorite feature film ‘water with sugar’ even for those who don’t like this type of film. Also involving time travel, the story follows the life of a young lawyer who, upon turning 21, discovers that he is part of an ancient lineage of time travelers. As it is a skill that only the men in his family have, his father tells him the secret and serves as a kind of tutor, but without trying to interfere so much in the boy’s decisions, who decides to use his new skills to get a girlfriend. However, time travel has its own rules, which will force the young man to develop his own sense of responsibility, even more so when personal issues begin to be affected by his travels.

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Mean Girls

Can’t talk about the movie Pop without quoting Mean Girls. The feature that was released as a teen movie and soon won status de Cult became a phenomenon among the current generation for showing a fun stereotype about the youth of the late 1990s and early 2000s, already entertainingly addressing some taboos of the time. The plot follows a young woman (Lindsay Lohan) who was raised by her parents on safari in Africa and is now going to live in the USA, where she is going to attend school for the first time. in the midst of bullying typical American, she makes friends and tries to dismantle the evil scheme headed by the high school popularity queen, Regina George (Rachel McAdams).

The music of my life

Released without much fanfare in theaters, this film is a musical based on a true story and set to the classic songs of Bruce Springsteen. The plot takes place in England in the 1980s, when Margareth Thatcher’s measures boosted poverty and racism in the country, reflecting mainly on the working classes and immigrants. Based on this context, the film follows a young man from a Pakistani family who does not feel part of any group, precisely because he does not fit into the cultural demands of his parents, and also because he is not accepted by the local culture at school. So he meets a guy who introduces him to Bruce Springsteen songs. Shocked by the feeling of belonging, the boy changes his style and starts to inspire his own life in the songs of ‘Chefe’.

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