Tip | “Modern” horror movies to check out on streaming

The beginning of the last decade was marked by a strong creative crisis in the horror film market, which invested in many franchise sequences whose first chapter worked, but which never managed to deliver the same level of quality in the sequels. Betting on easy scares and this idea of ​​franchises, several bombs arrived around bringing the same style of terror – or attempted terror.

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However, with the growth of “rivalry” between producers Blumhouse e A24, the final part of the last decade started to bring new productions with different styles of horror, daring more and providing innovative and incredible productions. In today’s suggestion, we’ve separated five of the most talked about horror movies of recent years and indicated which platform streaming you can check them out.

Midsommar – Evil does not wait for the night (Amazon Prime Video)

this horror is very different from most, because it has very few scenes in the dark, uses and abuses colors and works a lot with the power of suggestion, leaving the viewer to imagine what could be happening there. The plot tells the story of a couple in crisis after the young woman (Florence Pugh) losing her sister and parents in a bizarre situation. Traumatized, she leans on her boyfriend, who was already thinking about ending the relationship, but ends up “pushing the situation with her belly” out of a feeling of pity. When the boy decides to go to Sweden with his friends to study a commune solstice festival, the young woman ends up becoming the subject of debate. After a conversation, she ends up joining the group, contrary to most of her friends. Upon arriving at the village, they have contact with drugs and other foreign guests who will share the experience of the commune with them for the next few days. The problem is that the traditions of this Swedish community are strange, involving murder, magic rituals and even rape. Soon, the group of friends disappears, leaving a very uncomfortable atmosphere in the air.

In addition to working the art direction with incredible visuals, strong colors and scenes of pure psychedelia, the film has moments of gore and works on a very interesting question: what is the acceptable limit between “cultural differences” and bizarre? Based on this premise, Ari Aster raises even more the level of terrible things that happen and the group accepts it.

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The witch (Globoplay)

Sold like the movie you made Stephen King I know how to erase myself The witch it’s a movie that doesn’t have any jumpscare or the classic sudden volume increase scares, but invests in creating an atmosphere of tension about the doubt that is brutal. In the plot, a peasant family loses their baby to a witch in the midst of a major family and financial crisis. As time goes by and with several strange situations happening, they start to suspect that their eldest daughter (Anya Taylor-Joy) be a witch. Toying with the audience’s uncertainty about whether the girl was just being judged by the overwhelming reality of the time or whether she was actually involved with the supernatural, the film is an incredible psychological horror.

Sacrifice of the Sacred Stag
(Amazon Prime Video)

Extremely weird and uncomfortable, this movie from the Greek Yorgos Lanthimos is a classic Greek tragedy about an Ohio surgeon who lost a patient about three years ago. Feeling guilty, he starts to meet the son of man and begins to relax in his drink. The pair develops a good relationship, until the doctor invites him to visit the family’s house, introducing his wife and children.

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However, the discomfort is great and the intimacy of the two begins to bother. So, this fixation of the boy with the surgeon begins to bring terrible situations to the family’s home, such as his widowed mother, investing in the married doctor and mysterious cases of paralysis affecting the boy’s children. Yorgos builds the film based on this discomfort and the series of absurdities that this relationship brings. The setting is squalid, as are the characters’ personalities in the face of oddities. It’s a subtle horror that reflects on troubled aspects of society and may not appeal to everyone, but it’s impressive.

Hereditary (HBO Max)

Considered one of the scariest movies in recent years, Hereditary shows that family secrets do not always involve hidden inheritance. In this story, the matriarch of an ordinary family engages in satanic cults and offers her own family to bring back an ancient demon. When she dies, sinister things start to happen, making the house of the children and grandchildren a real hell. As the plot progresses, common troubles mingle with demonic chaos, plunging the limbs into a deep, unearthly depression. The story also comes to play with the possibility that everything is just a very boring situation of a troubled family, but soon it becomes impossible not to assume the supernatural of the situation. With a characterization as absurd as the level of the performances and a safe direction that extracts the maximum from the annoyance and horror, Hereditary is a masterpiece of modern horror.

The headlight (Amazon Prime Video)

Set in the late nineteenth century, this psychological horror in black and white attracted a lot of attention in 2019 for its eccentricity and features very similar to those used in silent film classics. The plot tells the story of Thomas (Willem Dafoe), the owner of the lighthouse that gives its name to the film, whose habits involve alcoholism and locking himself up naked in the lighthouse. He starts to live with a mysterious young man named Ephraim (Robert pattinson), which boasts a dark past. Together on this island, the two need to understand each other. However, they seem to be heading for madness, in a handful of psychological terror that makes use of the visual language to create a completely uncomfortable and terrifying atmosphere.

The fact that there are few characters on the scene only helps to build the feeling of closure and lack of perspective of two men who do not know whether they have love or hate for each other. It is an eschatological, tense and frightening film.

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