Tinka Santa hats are millimeters away from being sold out: in a few hours it could be over

You have to race across country and kingdom if you want to get your hands on one of the last famous Tinka elf hats.

On Wednesday, there are only approximately 1000 left in Salling Group’s stores.

“We are almost sold out. There may be a few left around who are probably quickly gone,’ says the grocery group’s press manager, Jacob Krogsgaard Nielsen, to BT

Asked where one can buy one of the last Santa hats, he replies:

“It’s so few that it won’t make sense, and it’s probably already changed in the last hour.”

In 2019, many parents were outraged by the lack of Tinka Santa hats. The Salling Group had therefore bought 210,000 Tinka Santa hats this year in the expectation that it would cover the demand from Danish children this Christmas.

But the pixie hats, which only cost 12 kroner, have been taken off the shelves in Føtex, Bilka and BR in no time.

“We must confess to having underestimated the demand,” said Salling Group’s purchasing director, Henrik Schmidt, in a press release earlier this month.

In just one week, TV 2 will start broadcasting the third and final edition of the popular Christmas calendar about the elf Tinka.

Despite the massive demand, however, no more Tinka elf hats will be put into production this year.

“It has not been possible to produce new ones with such a short lead time. If it was an opportunity, we would of course have pursued it,’ says press manager Jacob Krogsgaard Nielsen.

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