Tini Stoessel’s stunt double appeared on "Welcome aboard": Laurita Fernández’s reaction

Welcome aboard” surprises thousands of viewers and the program’s own members every day when participants appear at the door of similarities. On this occasion, a young woman starred in an unusual moment by saying that she had an air of Tini Stoessel and left speechless Laura Fernandez.

The eyebrows are the same, very similar, the nose, the eyes and the mouth“, expressed the driver when she saw the contestant. Then she asked encouraging the young woman: “And does it move similar?“.

The movements of the participant ended up impacting those present in the cycle since she made the same steps as the girlfriend of Rodrigo DePaulan artist who was seen very caramelized with the footballer in recent days.

First Tini, can you go with Tini’s flow?”, Laurita invited the guest to continue dancing while “Triple T” played. “It’s very Tiny“, hill.

A young woman said she looked like Tini Stoessel at the “Welcome Aboard” look-alike gate.

Video: A young woman said she looked like Tini Stoessel at the look-alike gate of “Welcome Aboard”

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