Tini Stoessel’s mother surprised with an unexpected gesture towards Rodrigo De Paul

the romance between Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo DePaul was finalized when the couple was captured in Ibiza while walking hand in handMeanwhile, all other speculation about the affair was through social networks when the protagonists themselves left clues. But now, amid the versions that ensure that the player of the National Team was with the China Suarez, Tini’s mother surprised with an unexpected action.

After his controversial response to a DiarioShow tweet in reference to his daughter’s affair with the ex of Camila Homs, Mariana Muzlera returned to be present in the networks with an incredible gesture and Juariu took it upon himself to bring it to light.

It was after the 2 to 0 that Atlético Madrid achieved against Elche with a goal from De Paul that ensured qualification to play the next Champions League, where the footballer shared his happiness on Instagram with a post of that moment.

For its part, Muzlera “liked” Rodrigo’s post and his actions were recorded by hundreds of fans who assured that his gesture was a confirmation of his daughter’s romance.

Watch the video about the romance between Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul!



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