Tini Stoessel received a tender gesture from Rodrigo De Paul before thousands of fans

Since began their romance, Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo de Paul they are in the center of attention because of the news that has come out of them. Although they keep a low profile and have not yet confirmed their relationship, a gesture of the footballer drew attention on social networks.

The singer made an Instagram live to talk to his followers about his pleasant professional present, but a message was immortalized in an image. While the actress spoke for more than 23 thousand spectators, the Atlético Madrid player decided to leave him a white heart.

Juariu shared said capture and He published another photo in which he showed that the athlete was observing his girlfriend’s live. In any case, they did not publish content together despite the fact that images of them together in Ibiza came to light.

It should be remembered that Rodrigo DePaul separated from Camila Homes, the mother of his two children, shortly before beginning his bond with Tini Stoessel. This would have caused some discomfort in the footballer’s former partner, especially since they have a common baby of only months.

Tini Stoessel received a nice gesture from Rodrigo De Paul.

For its part, Tini Stoessel continues in the presentation of her new song called “Triple T”. What is clear is that she has the support of her boyfriend, despite the fact that his family recommended him not to confirm said relationship.

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