Tinder Scammer: Scary Trailer for Netflix Documentary

On Tinder, the main goal is to meet people and maybe find love. However, you can also come across a con artist, as the crazy true story recounted in “The Tinder Conqueror” proves. The documentary is revealed in a first trailer.

Do you really know who is behind a Tinder profile?

Dating apps are now firmly rooted in the tech landscape. As everyone knows, they have good as well as bad sides. It all depends, above all, on who uses it and for what purpose. If you had any reservations about the subject, it is probably not The Tinder Scammer which may make you want to venture on it. As the title does not fail to indicate, it is about the famous application with the logo in the shape of a flame. Its mode of operation – if it should be remembered – is based on the swipe system. Profiles scroll in front of the user and he must select those that interest him. If the person opposite does the same, a match is created and the connection can begin.

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This virtual playground has become that of a man who has succeeded in defraud several women. The main concern, nicknamed The Tinder Scammer, went into hiding behind a fake profile. He was therefore able to pass himself off as a millionaire businessman and attract a few women in his nets. The victims were extorted of several thousand euros and, of course, they didn’t find love in the end. Some of these women did not want to stop there and have decided to take revenge. But before you can do that, you have to find out what the real identity of the scammer is.

Tinder scammer ©Netflix

Netflix takes on the Tinder scammer

This is the story and the quest for revenge that follows that will speak The Tinder Scammer. This documentary behind which hides the producers of Don’t F***k with Cats disembark the February 2 on Netflix. A date that falls a few days before Valentine’s Day and which may put singles who are fans of dating applications on the alert. A trailer has just been revealed by the American platform, with a sense of suspense that makes you want to learn more about the case. Knowing the popularity of Tinder, we can bet that the document will rise among the successes of the moment when it is put online.

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