Tilsa Lozano praises Yahaira Plasencia’s talent for dancing, but reminds her that she uses playback

Yahaira Plasencia He again wasted talent and sensuality in “The Artist of the Year”, however, his participation in the second gala did not completely convince the jury, especially Tilsa Lozano.

The model and businesswoman highlighted the artistic skills of the sauce boat, however, she recalled that she frequently used ‘playback’ in her presentations inside and outside the country.

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“Sometimes I saw you here and I always saw you lip-syncing. (…) Also in presentations abroad I saw you lip-syncing and I said I want to hear her sing live.”, Began criticizing the jury of the reality show.

But the questioning did not stop there. Lozano also emphasized the mistakes he was making regarding his vocal techniques.

“I have had the opportunity now to listen to you live. Last week I felt a little more nervous, this week I have felt much more secure. There are definitely times where I feel like you are out of air. I feel like you are tired, but you have something favor, you dance spectacular”, Tilsa commented to later highlight her talent for acting on stage.


Artist of the Year: Christian Domínguez and Giselo revive the classic “Tic Tic Tac”

Artist of the Year: Christian Domínguez and Giselo revive the classic "Tic Tic Tac"
Before his presentation at the first gala of ‘The Artist of the Year’, Christian Domínguez dared to dance with his partner from ‘América Hoy’ the classic song ‘Tic Tic Tac’. (Source: América TV)

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