Tiktoker tells how sending lyrics from a Taylor Swift song to his ex as a joke “changed his life”

Laleh Khorsandi is a woman from New York, United States, who seems to have written her own love song by sharing the story of the unusual response she received from her ex-boyfriend – whom she describes as “The one that got away”– after participating in a trend of TikTok which consists of sending you excerpts from the chorus of the song ‘Enchanted‘ from Taylor Swift to a love from the past. The funny thing is that it seems that she got an instant hit where she shared her creation.

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In your account TikTok (@lalehkhorsandi), Laleh posted the past November 20 a video in which he shows the conversation he had with his ex-partner. “Please don’t be in love with someone else (which in English, the original language of the song, says Please don’t be in love with someone else) “, he wrote, to which they replied: “Wrong contact?”. She continued the conversation by sending him the next part of the chorus.

“Please, that no one else is waiting for you (Please don’t have somebody waiting on you in English)”Laleh replied causing more than confusion in his ex, who clearly had no idea that she was referring to a song; However, the tiktoker could not believe what her ex replied: “Where are you? Can I go see you? I couldn’t tell you before and I’m sorry, but I’ve always loved you “.

Laleh’s viral video dedicated to his ex

A chance meeting with someone from the past

The video viral, which to date accumulates more than 6’600,000 views, thousands of ‘Likes’ and hundreds of comments on TikTok, ends with Laleh revealing that her ex was going to go see her, focusing on her apartment door. In a later publication, the tiktoker gave more details about the visit of her love from the past, with whom she had dated a while ago, but that things between them did not work out because, at that time, he was emotionally unavailable.

“Here’s the heart of the matter: He came last night. We talked a lot, but he left because it was too late. He came so late that all I could manage to say was, ‘You have to go.’ And also because I had to be alone with my thoughts “said Laleh, who did say they made plans to go out to dinner the next night – something that had her “very excited”– and promised to keep his followers from whatever happens.

The outcome of Laleh’s story told in another viral video

Netizens didn’t have to wait long to find out the details of Laleh and her past love’s departure. “We went out to dinner and we were talking, it was very nice to hear many of the things that I validated for myself in the emotional process of not seeing him anymore. It was very good to hear him say all those things and communicate them very well, in a way that he was not able to do when we saw each other. “added.

Laleh said that his ex told him that he was very happy that he was able to clarify things between the two as he had planned, since he told him that he was soon going to move to another country. “He told me he got a job abroad, I’m leaving after Thanksgiving”, he specified. Although she was visibly annoyed since she hoped she had told her something related to what they had, the tiktoker said it was something “beautiful” to be able to give the necessary closure to that relationship.

Laleh narrates what was his encounter with “the one who escaped him”

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