Tiktoker shares an audio to play when we feel unsafe in a taxi

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Due to the constant cases of robbery and kidnapping, many people can not help but get nervous when traveling in a taxi. Amber Nicolette, a woman who apparently resides in the United States (USA), shared in her account of TikTok an audio that anyone can play when they start to feel insecure when using the mentioned transport service.

through your account @ambernicolette of the mentioned social network, the young woman shared a video where she appears sitting in a car. She, in that vehicle, counted from three to zero before playing a voice message.

The audio was edited to sound like a phone conversation with a friend who is worried about the person who took the taxi. “Hey, sorry to bother you. We’re just wondering how many minutes away you are.”the girl from the voice message is heard saying.

After this has been played, there is a brief moment where nothing is heard. That’s where Amber recommends answering with a “hey” followed by the minutes you think it will take to get to your destination.

Later, there is a new intervention by the friend, this time with the intention of knowing what model of vehicle the passenger is in and what color the car is. In the time when there is no noise, Amber advises giving that requested information to make everything more credible.

Then he taught how one should say goodbye to that supposed acquaintance in the most natural way possible. According to The Mirror, many users thanked the woman for sharing that audio. Other netizens, meanwhile, asked him to please create another voice message that is useful when someone walks alone.

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