‘Tiktoker’ describes the worst air travelers and states that “they should go to jail”

Traveling by plane can be a great experience, but also a very bad one if you have to go on a flight full of people capable of being annoying. This situation was experienced on more than one occasion by a young woman from USAwho used TikTok to qualify what in their opinion are the worst passengers. A funny testimonial that earned millions of views once it was made viral.

Controversial demands

Christina Najjarknown on the Chinese platform as ‘Tinx‘, She was very emphatic when detailing the worst of her experience traveling by plane: “Here are the things that make you a truly horrible traveler. If you do any of these things, you should take a good look at yourself in the mirror before traveling again.”.

Behind this, Tinx Start your show: “Let’s start with the unprepared people at the front of the security line. It’s a security line, you know what’s coming. However, there are still people who fumble with their laptop like a kid who forgot his homework ‘do I have to take my jacket off?’ yes, spoiler alert. Yes, you always have to take off your jacket”.

Watch the viral video here

Another thing that dislikes are people crowding the gate in the flight departure areabut also the “idiots” that crowd many suitcases in the upper locker: “it’s simple, don’t be a jerk, put your overstuffed suitcase and ugly little personal item on the seat in front of you”.

Don’t talk, don’t take off your shoes

As if that were not enough, Tinx He also hates people who like to talk during flights: “This one is going to be controversial, but I don’t like it when strangers talk to me on planes. I don’t care about your business trip. No, thanks. I wouldn’t want to see pictures of your grandchildren. Some people are talkative. Maybe we can have a conversational section and a non-conversational section. Call me, grinchI don’t mind”.

But, none of this compares to what he hates the most: “controversial, but I don’t think open shoes should be allowed on planes. If you think about taking off your shoes and socks on a plane, you deserve jail. I don’t want to see them, I don’t want to smell them.”sentenced.

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