‘Tiger King’ star’s husband has disappeared without a trace: Refuses to cooperate with police

18. august 1997.

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This is the date the millionaire Don Lewis was last seen.

The then 59-year-old rich man and zoo owner was then married to Carole Baskin, who is known to be one of the main characters in the Netflix hit ‘Tiger King’.

Don Lewis disappeared from one day to the next and almost without a trace.

Although it was Carole Baskin who reported her 22-year-old husband missing, there have been massive rumors that she herself should have had a hand in the game, as the relationship between them allegedly did not run smoothly.

And now the police say that they have had a hard time verifying these rumors from the horse’s own mouth, as Carole Baskin simply refuses to cooperate with them.

It writes the AP, which reports from a press conference held in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday.

Here, an investigator named Mouses Garcia told that Carole Baskin has three times refused to be questioned in connection with the investigation of her missing husband.

Carole Baskin.

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Carole Baskin.

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An investigation in which the police have so far conducted as many as 50 interrogations and followed up on 200 tracks.

Police further stated that they have not yet had Carole Baskin’s property and zoo, which she inherited when Don Lewis was declared dead, searched.

“It will require that we have a compelling reason to suspect her if we are to have a search warrant approved to check up on the rumor that his body is in her septic tank,” the investigator said.

“It will require that we are in possession of evidence that shows that something happened on the property or that we have a witness who can tell that something has happened,” he continued.

According to Moses Garcia, it is certainly not normal that Carole Baskin will not help them in the investigation.

“It is very abnormal that a spouse or a family member will not cooperate when someone in the family disappears,” he says.

In addition to the rumors that Carole Baskin must have killed her husband, there are also rumors that Don Lewis is not dead at all, but that he in his time fled of his own free will and today lives in the best of health in Costa Rica.

The police did not want to comment on this at the press conference on Thursday, but they did confirm that the local authorities in the country have helped in the investigation.

The AP has been in contact with Carole Baskin, who states that she has asked the police to go through her lawyer.

She goes on to say that she did everything she could to help investigators back in 1997, when her husband disappeared.

“There is nothing I know that is not already in the police documents. There is no chance that I remember things better now, or that I have anything to add after 24 years, ”she says.

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