Tiger King 2 has been released: Now the animal organization Netflix is ​​reprimanding

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Today, Wednesday, the long-awaited second season of the hit series ‘Tiger King’ is released on Netflix.

And it has caused the animal welfare organization World Animal Protection to shout guard at gunpoint.

In a press release, they outright reprimand Netflix because the streaming service will not guarantee that no animals have been harmed during the filming.

In the first season of the series, they followed the American pet dealer Joe Exotic and his ‘war’ against his nemesis Carole Baskin.

This season, one will follow Joe Exotic from his cell, because last year he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for, among other things, planning an assassination of the arch-rival.

However, the prison sentence also includes animal cruelty, as he was simultaneously found guilty of illegal animal trafficking and of having shot five of his tigers.

World Animal Protection writes in their press release that they have tried to make Netflix difficult on a number of animal ethics issues ahead of the season two premiere, but that the streaming giant will not respond to the criticism.

“We urge Netflix to ask itself the simple question of whether, like any contemporary Hollywood production in 2021, they could put on a disclaimer in connection with their series, where they can write with open eyes that ‘no animal is have been injured or mistreated during the filming of this program ‘, «says Stephanie Kruuse Klausen, campaign employee at World Animal Protection Denmark.

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“If they are not able to make a guarantee to the viewers that the animals have not suffered any inconvenience in connection with their series, they should consider what responsibility they are taking on,” she continues.

The animal organization points out that in the first season of ‘Tiger King’ you could see, among other things, how tiger cubs were removed from their mothers to be sold on as selfie objects to the tourism industry, while you could also see large animals trapped in small cages under reprehensible conditions.

“We would very much like to enter into a dialogue with Netflix to hear how they perceive their responsibility in relation to the production of wild animals in captivity,” says Stephanie Kruuse Klausen and continues:

“We believe it is unacceptable that the predators are being used as an exotic spice in a TV series that is primarily intended to sell subscriptions to streaming TV. Furthermore, there is a high probability that the mere presence of Netflix’s cameras can have a negative impact on the safety and welfare of the animals. “

BT is trying to get a comment from Netflix for the criticism.

‘Tiger King 2’ will be released on November 17.

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