Tiffany: Raphaël Pépin, his Instagram, Koh Lanta … Everything you need to know about the young woman

Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin separated for several weeks? New information has been unveiled on the web! And this story is causing a lot of buzz on social networks … So, we decided to tell you a little more about Tiffany. Present on our screens since 2017, the young woman has become an emblematic candidate for reality TV. Among Koh Lanta, Angels and The battle of couples 3 : it will have marked all these emissions! But do you know Tiffany? We let you find out in this article where you can find all the important information to discover about the pretty blonde.

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Tiffany – Credit (s): NRJ12

His story with Raphaël Pépin

Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin
Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin – Credit (s): Instagram raphoupeps

Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin get into a relationship during season 11 of Anges. They quickly fall in love and make a very beautiful couple. But a few months after the shooting of the show, they separate … Love being stronger than anything, they reconcile. And while everything seemed to be going for the best between them, Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin recently separated … A break that they have not yet formalized.

What is Tiffany’s Instagram account?

They are Instagram
His Instagram – Credit (s): Instagram tiffanyk

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Tiffany’s Instagram account is @tiffanyk. More than 759,000 people follow her on the social network. She shares her daily life, family moments, but also tips … Like many people in the community, Tiffany is an influencer!

His journey in Koh Lanta

It is in 2017 that Tiffany arrives on our screens in Koh Lanta, Fiji. The pretty blonde arrives until the final, but loses the posts against André who has won the adventure. Tiffany then participates in the Heroes fight in 2018. But unfortunately, she won’t go to the final this time around.

Tiffany before

Since her first reality TV show, Koh Lanta, Tiffany hasn’t changed too much! Not really a fan of cosmetic surgery, like other TV candidates, the young woman remains rather equal to herself, as you can see in the photo above and which dates from 2013!

What are its origins ?

Tiffany – Credit (s): Instagram @tiffanyk

Tiffany is of French origin. She was born in the south of France and if she moved to the Paris region with Raphaël Pépin, she has returned home since their separation.

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