Tierry causes outrage by saying he doesn’t need fans getting involved in personal matters

Through his official profile on Twitter, the singer Tierry made an outburst by sending a message to his fans. During the morning of this Tuesday (14/06) the ex-boyfriend of the singer and ex-BBB Gabi Martins made it very clear that he doesn’t need his fans to be interested in his personal life.

Always with his intimate life exposed, the sertanejo commented that he would like people to accompany him only for his work. Showing a lot of sincerity, he also commented that he doesn’t want to be taken as an example by the people who follow him.

“I don’t need any fans from my personal life. I want people who like my music and help me make sense of it. I’m too imperfect to be an example. Example is Jesus,” Tierry said on the social network.

Fans responded to the singer and showed that they did not like the artist’s attitude very much, asking him to have more affection for the people who admire him.

“Dude, be nicer, when you start losing followers you’ll think twice before talking nonsense to your fans”, fired an internet user. “How do you have the courage to say that, but don’t stop explaining things on social media? You’ve been in this tiresome litany of indirection for months”, commented another.

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