“Tick, Tick … Boom!”: Ending explained of the Netflix movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. “Tick, Tick … Boom!”, A film starring Andrew Garfield, is now available in Netflix. Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, from a script by Steven Levenson, the film, which is based on the semi-autobiographical musical of the same name, tells the story of Jonathan Larson, composer and playwright, who tries to create something great before he turns 30 years.

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Jonathan has spent eight years of his life writing his work ‘Pride‘, which is not yet finished, since you must find the lyrics or melody of the solo of Elizabeth’s character that according to Stephen Sondheim it’s crucial. Also, you must raise a certain amount of money to hire more musicians. But as he does so, his relationships begin to fall apart due to his ambition.

His girlfriend, SusanShe found a permanent job as a dance teacher in the Berkshires and needs to know if Jon is moving in with her. But since the protagonist has no head to think about anything other than his song, he postpones the conversation several times. Until Susan gets tired and confronts him.

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In the middle of their fight, Susan confesses that she never expected Jon to tell her that he would leave New York behind and move in with her. She just hoped he would ask her to stay. It was a heartbreaking moment that marked the end of their relationship, but hours later this fact inspired the song Jon needed to finish ‘Superbia’.


After fighting with his best friend Michael, Jonathan arrives at his apartment and receives the call from Rosa Stevens, her agent, and she assures him that she has sent invitations to all the big names in the industry to attend her workshop. Elevated by the news, he cleans up the clutter in his house and when he is about to type on his computer, the power goes out.

Shocked and enraged, Jonathan calls the electrical office, but they can’t do much at the moment. After this mishap, Jonathan wants to go swimming. There, under the water, is when he finds the inspiration for his song.

Under the water is when Jon manages to create the song that his work ‘Superbia’ was missing (Photo: Netflix)

Jonathan finishes the song before the workshop begins. Karessa He sings it with emotion and diction, which attracts critics and producers. However, although the presentation was a success, Rosa explains that her play is too artistic for Broadway and that she should start working on the next one as soon as possible.


After getting the mediocre response for ‘Superbia’, Jon goes to ask Michael for a job and in the middle of the conversation finds out that his friend is HIV positive. Then Jon’s memories of Michael are seen in a tape montage as he plays the piano.

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A few days later, Jon receives a call from Stephen Sondheim, who asks him to arrange a meeting to talk about his work. Later, Jon returns to his usual place of work, the restaurant, to celebrate his 30th birthday. Susan goes to look for him and tells him that she accepted the job offer and at the same time gives him a music diary.

At the end of the film, Susan’s voice-over explains that ‘Tick, tick … BOOM!‘was the second play Jon wrote, which was about the time he spent working on’ Superbia ‘.

After that he took up a project that he had put aside called ‘Rent‘, which ran on Broadway for 12 years and revolutionized the entire musical medium; However, Jonathan was not lucky enough to see the first presentation of his work, as he died the night before due to a sudden aortic aneurysm, at the age of 35.

Andrew Garfield como Jonathan Larson en “Tick, Tick... Boom!” (Foto: Netflix)
Andrew Garfield como Jonathan Larson en “Tick, Tick… Boom!” (Foto: Netflix)

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