Ticiane Pinheiro tells how Roberto Justus and Cesar Tralli help in Rafa’s creation

Ticiane Pinheiro opened the question box on social media and removed several doubts from the followers. many of them did questions and comments about maternity with the presenter. In the responses, Ticiane talked about Rafa, 12, with Roberto Justus and Cesar Tralli, as well as revealing whether want to have more children (in addition to Rafa, she is also the mother of Manu, 2 years old).

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“How is Rafa’s relationship with her husband?” a follower wanted to know. “I just have to thank God. Their relationship is so beautiful! César met Rafa when she was 4 years old. He helped me a lot with her education. They love each other a lot”, replied the presenter, in a photo in which she and the journalist appear kissing the girl.

“Did you have any friction with Rafa’s father regarding education?” another wanted to know. “We talked a lot about her education and we always entered into a consensus”, assured Ticiane in her reply.

Ticiane has already shown that the relationship with Roberto Justus and his current wife, Ana Paula Siebert, is courteous. A fan wanted to know if the presenter had already visited the businessman’s mansion after the renovation, to which Tici replied:

“Yes, I went there to see Rafa’s room because she wanted to show me. Beautiful!”

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