Tiana (Star Academy): the sad truth about her refusal to show her arms on the air

It’s the home stretch for the remaining four students of the new season of “Star Academy”! Saturday November 26, 2022, viewers of TF1 will indeed know who of Enola, Louis, Anisha or Léa will be crowned big winner of this edition! And for good reason, last week, Chris and Tiana left the adventure at the gates of the final!

A disappointment, but at the same time a relief for the youngest of the adventure, Tiana, 18, who was able to find her parents after no less than 5 weeks of isolation in the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. The opportunity also for the young woman to give her impressions of her career at the “Star Academy”.

“I was complexed”

In a recent interview with our colleagues from PurepeopleTiana has indeed returned to these intensive weeks of training… A period during which the singer would have gained weight according to her words!

“I gained two kilos. It’s not huge, but I saw it. I always stayed the same. Weight so gain two kilos…I thought that was a lot to lose”has she confided before revealing that this slight weight gain was the reason why she did not want to show her arms during the bonuses.

“I was complexed. […] I couldn’t show my arms. I talked to my mother and brother about it on the phone. They told me that I was beautiful and that I had to show myself. […] So I started to regain my self-confidence.she concluded.

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