Tiago Rufino on “Big Brother Famous”: “I predict it will be a drought…”

Tiago Rufino challenged his followers, on the night of Tuesday, November 16, to leave some questions they wanted answered by themselves.

Thus, among many curiosities about his weight loss process and even his professional life, there were also those who wanted to know if he would be part of the “Big Brother-Famosos”, which will debut next year on TVI.

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Faced with the question “Would you join BB Famosos?”, Tiago Rufino started by joking: “If I were really famous, maybe… together with Bruno de Carvalho”.

And he added later, explaining what he thinks of this new format: “Now seriously: I don’t think so. I predict it will be a drought. I don’t see certain people exposing themselves and being totally transparent for fear of spoiling their image. Whichever it is”.

Now see:

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