Tiago PZK presented “Portales”: All about the debut album of the singer of “Bombona”

The Argentine singer Tiago PZK He presented his debut album “Portales”, a production that features songs from reggaeton, R&B, rock, and even modern pop such as “Sex & Love”, the focus track of the album with the famous Jamaican producer Tarik Johnston, better known as Rvssian.

Portales has 15 songs in which Tiago PZK proposes a different journey in each of them. They will go through different genres and moods through various portals in what is the world of Tiago PZK.

What inspired me to make the album were the limitations that I put on myself when making music of different genres.. That’s why I created the concept ‘Portals’ to give it form and meaning when making songs of various genres and that each song is a portal to a different world”told Tiago PZK through a statement.

Produced by Evlay, Asan, Uanti, Big One, Tatool, Groove 2070, Zecca, Rvssian and Axel Introini, each song on “Portales” has a short story; 15 visualizers where a young woman played by Ambar Pacheco, sister of Tiago PZK, discovers a key with which she opens different portals.

In each Ambar portal you will find a different song, space and world, which are connected to each other. Tiago joins Ambar in two of the most emotionally charged songs such as “Casa de Chapa” and “Ríos de Sal”.

Tiago PZK’s first album is made up of the songs: “Sabor a Miel”, “Nadie Más”, “Salimo de Noche ft. Thunder”, “Dámelo”, “Drunk”, “Noches de Soledad ft. Asan, Khea”, “Flow de Barrio”, “Casa de Chapa”, “Sex & Love”, “Traductor ft. Myke Towers”, “Speaking of Love”, “Házmelo”, “Eléctrica ft. IZA”, “Between Us ft. LIT Killah” and Rivers of Salt.

It should be noted that as part of his promotional tour for his album “Portales”, Tiago PZK confirmed a show in Peru on August 27 at the Arena Peru. There are still tickets available through the Teleticket website.


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