Thyane Dantas speaks out after accusations of racism involving a maid. Understand!

Months after being accused of excessive jealousy by a dancer, Thyane Dantas, wife of Wesley Safadão, is involved in a new controversy, this time of a racial nature. The influencer was identified as racist after implying that a maid was a “wedding gift” from her mother.

In the video, published on Thyane’s social networks, the professional appears serving the influencer’s family. “Mainha used to say that when I got married, Raimunda was mine”, she says in the recording. Safadão’s wife, from whom she received a millionaire birthday present, also points out that the employee has worked for them for 23 years.

The record generated multiple reactions on social media. One of the most prominent publications was by the architect and activist Antonio Isuperio, who explained that this type of statement exposes a racist character. “Brazil will never be a country of the future as long as cleaning professionals do not have dignity. We need to understand that ‘domestic’ work is the conversion of slavery and that is why Brazil is the country that has the most of these professionals in the world“, he stressed.


With the repercussion of the video, Thyane, who was also accused of “jumping the queue” of the Covid-19 vaccine, published a text to position herself on the case. She apologized for the words, recognized the importance of the debate and classified the repercussions as an attempt to use the racism agenda for personal attacks.

“It is quite challenging to perceive our feelings and speech intentions judged by those who are very far away and affirming with conviction what is not within us to understand, but knowing the legitimacy of the cause raised, I apologize to those who suffer so much from this setback; so I decided to speak“, Thyane began.

Thyane stated that the employee is linked to her affective memory. “She has always been and always will be someone with whom I have a deep bond of respect, appreciation and affection, hence my mistake in using a word that has now been completely decontextualized to create a legitimate agenda, but with the wrong story!“, scored.

Finally, Thyane criticized what she called the “hateful environment created on the internet”. “I deeply regret the reality that so many live and suffer due to structural conditions and I never want to be part of anything that does not dignify my neighbor. My speaking intention was based on the immense love and affection that we nurture between us in this safe family environment, free from the malice always reverberated by those who make legitimate debates the cause of personal attacks and thus foment gratuitous and disproportionate aggression and offenses!“, finished.

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