Throughout his life, Ambra Angiolini: “The second chances? They are where I go on vacation often."

The interview with the director of the film, Paolo Costella, and with the actors Fabio Volo and Ambra Angiolini, who in the comedy interpret one of the four couples struggling with the cancellation of their respective marriages.

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For a lifetime: Ambra Angiolini and Fabio Volo in an image

After the adventure of Perfect Strangers Paolo Costella and Paolo Genovese return to write together for the cinema, with the precious contribution of Antonella Lattanzi who enriches writing with the sensitivity that is her own. They do it with For all life, film in the hall from 11 November, once again a choral comedy where the action will be triggered by the annulment of the marriage of the four couples on stage. The occasion (or the punishment) is to say yes for the second time, but not everything will go smoothly. We talked about it with director Costella, Ambra Angiolini e Fabio Volo who play one of the protagonist couples: Vito and Sara, two ex united by the love for little Giulio and divided between courtrooms and maintenance checks.

The video interview with Paolo Costella, Fabio Volo and Ambra Angiolini

For a lifetime, the review: Saying yes again

The script and the gaze on the feminine

For All Life Cr Andrea Miconi 1 Ppmjvoq

All my life: Ambra Angiolini in a sequence

The film opens with a prologue entrusted to two puppets. Where does that idea come from?
Paolo Costella: It is a form of Japanese theater, the Bunraku, and it comes from an exhibition I had seen in an art gallery in Tel Aviv. It seemed to me a good start to give an absolute image of the couple then translated into a story from the individual stories.

What brought Antonella Lattanzi into a well-established duo like the one formed by you and Paolo Genovese?
PC: It brought a lot. Paolo and I had been coming for some years in which we had reasoned about the stories and focused on the subjects, then we wrote them with her and we discussed some of them again.

PC: The story of motherhood, for example, comes from you, and both in the starting point and in the way we told it, it has a lot of Antonella.

All Life: Doom or Romantic Illusion?

Is it a lifelong romantic illusion or a nightmare?

For All Life Cr Andrea Miconi 5 Rao8Jyk

For a lifetime: Ambra Angiolini and Fabio Volo in a scene from the film

Fabio Volo: It sounds more like a threat to me! “Come on, let’s go up and make love all night” at our age it seems terrifying to me. It can be applied to very few things, but it would be better to ask ourselves what we really want for a lifetime.

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Ambra Angiolini: I think that a question mark is missing from the title, it is the question that all those who will go into crisis or re-choose through their fault and it is the added value of this film.

A film about second chances. What relationship do you have with second chances?
FV: I also live in thirds and fourths, I am the man of a thousand possibilities. Life is all like this.

AA: I have found that I have a crazy ability to turn the mess that happens to me into higher things. I am a playmaker, it happens and it is not said that it is already written how you want to make that fact become something else. In that area I have a lot of fun there, it’s a place where at 44 I go on vacation often.

Throughout her life, Claudia Pandolfi: “Only bad things last forever, plastic for example!”

Do you envy your characters anything?

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For a lifetime: Ambra Angiolini in a scene from the film

FV: Vito immediately starts with another story, another woman, they want to open a shop together immediately, they buy furniture, refrigerators … I envy him this unconsciousness. For the rest, no, nothing … perhaps the possibility of having lived with Amber a period of my life.

AA: It is the second film together, we gave ourselves a second chance even at the cinema, continuing however a marital crisis, no one ever offers us to play happy couples, who knows why. I like Sara very much: she is messed up, she stumbles and then in these stumbles she always discovers something, she can make them become her real face at last, the one for which she doesn’t have to be just a mother, a partner, it’s so nice that someone gives you a certain I point this opportunity and in this she is a lucky woman, although her story may seem different.

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