Through The Darkness, why watch this new crime drama?

Looking for a new drama to watch and want it to be very exciting? Then do not miss any detail of Through The Darkness, we will tell you why you do not want to miss it.

Recently, the drama Now, We Are Breaking Up came to an end and to take the place of said production will come a story that promises to keep us on the edge of the seat, because it will bring together crime and mystery in all its episodes.

This new K-Drama SBS is named after Through The Darkness, although it is also known as Those Who Read Hearts of Evil and below you will discover the reason for this name.

It’s about a drama which takes us back to 1990 and plunges us into the world of justice, that is how we meet several characters who try to understand the minds of criminals after several cases end with human losses.

Are you excited to follow this story? If you still can’t decide, here are several reasons to enjoy the plot.

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Razones para ver Through The Darkness

  • Based on a true story

The plot is based on the story of the first criminal profiler in Korea, that is why one of the names of the drama refers to the reading of the hearts of the wicked, because until that moment there was no term to call this profession.

Before being a drama, Through The Darkness was a book written precisely by the first profiler in the South Korean territory. Therefore, we can predict that the development of the story will be amazing because before it was already captured in pages that stole the eyes.

  • Determined characters

Throughout the episodes we will see the leading actors do everything to create the methods that would lead them to obtain answers while analyzing the criminals, overcoming challenges, innovating and without giving up.

In the story we will meet several detectives and profilers, but among them we will find a woman played by Kim So Jin. She will express the difficulties that it involved for a girl to perform in the field of justice, but she will not stop until she shows her true potential

Although history will allow us to observe those who try to decipher what is behind the mind of the crime, the curiosity of the public to understand the investigators themselves, their way of perceiving everything around them, will also be born, and that will make everything even more interesting. what will happen in Through The Darkness.

On the other hand, we invite you to meet and enjoy a collection of dramas where the characters got a new opportunity to live, do you already know all these series?

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