Thrissur Man Cyclist: Kerala News: Man cycles 4500 km from Kerala to Ladakh on 80th birthday – man cycles 4500 km from kerala to ladakh to celebrate 80th birthday

For Josetan, a resident of Thrissur in Kerala, Saturday was a memorable day as he reached the Himalayan hills amidst the first falling snow. Jose, who has completed 80 years of life, completed the journey of 4500 km from Kerala to Ladakh by bicycle. In this historic journey made on his 80th birthday, his colleague Gokul PR. supported.

Jose, a local resident of Thrissur, told in a phone conversation with our affiliate newspaper The Times of India that he is 34 km from Khardungala, the world’s highest motorable road. Due to the sudden snowfall on Saturday, he has not been able to complete the journey ahead. Gokul, who accompanied him, has done such a journey once in 2013 as well. Gokul’s wife and 14-year-old daughter reached Ladakh by flight and then joined the onward journey.

Josh, who retired from the post of plumber from Thrissur Medical College Hospital, said that he did not face any major health problem during the cycling trip. Yes, I felt lack of oxygen on reaching Leh. But the allies provided him an artificial supply of oxygen. Jose, who has been cycling since the fifth class, said that he has done such trips in the past as well. But this is the longest journey of his life so far.

Apart from cycling, Jose also participates in marathons and swimming. Jose’s wife and three children are excited about his achievement, but there are also concerns about his safety and health. Gokul’s brother, who accompanied Jose, is a Brigadier in the Indian Army, with the help of which he helped him to cross high security areas and inaccessible places.

Jose reached Khardungla

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