Three women appear in documentary: Accusing ‘club kings’ of aggravated rape

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“I remember I said no and I said stop, but of course he does not.”

Third episode of TV 2 Echos documentary ‘Abused in the Nightlife’ once again focuses on the cross-border experiences that young women have been exposed to in Copenhagen’s nightlife.

In the latest revelation, three women tell of how, according to their own statement, they were raped by so-called ‘club kings’ – men with power in the nightlife in the capital.

In the documentary, 30-year-old Alessandra presents her experience from 2013.

Here she was also at one of the prestigious clubs, where she met a friend who invited her to a morning party with prominent profiles from the nightlife.

According to Alessandra, she was given a drink that made it difficult for her to focus and feel her own body.

She was subsequently laid to bed next to her companion.

When she woke up, the buddy was gone while one of the men from the party allegedly lay on top of her and had sex with her.

According to Alessandra, the comrade comes in again and asks what the man is doing, to which the prominent profile rises and goes.

‘I never said yes to having sex with that man. It was an assault and a rape, I have no doubt about that today, “it reads.

In total, the team behind the documentary has spoken to 53 women who have experienced cross-border behavior in the nightlife.

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In addition to Alessandra, two anonymous women stand out with their story.

According to the women, they were subjected to such a violent rape that they subsequently had swollen abdomen.

One woman reportedly had to undergo surgery to collect blood in one of her labia.

The women have reported the episodes to the police, but no charges have been filed.

The men mentioned have all been contacted and believe themselves that it was voluntary intercourse.

BT has previously described the mentioned morning parties. You can read more about that here.

You can watch the documentary ‘Abused in the Nightlife’ on TV 2 Play.

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