Three weeks after returning to SBT, Silvio Santos postpones program recordings due to illness. Understand!

During the coronavirus pandemic, Silvio Santos spent the quarantine away from the SBT studios. During his absence, the presenter was replaced by his daughter, Patricia Abravanel. The presenter’s return to the station and the recording routine took place in April. Just three weeks after returning, Silvio had to leave again. This time, because of an illness.

According to information from the portal “Na Telinha”, SBT’s advice confirmed that the presenter canceled the recordings of the “Silvio Santos Program” for having cold symptoms.

With that, the recordings that would be this Tuesday (10) were postponed. According to the broadcaster, the hope is that they will be resumed later this week.

Silvio Santos is sentenced in court

Silvio Santos was sentenced, along with SBT, to pay R$ 50 thousand to a child who was exposed to embarrassment during the presenter’s program, which was under the command of Patrícia Abravanel. The communicator, who was the subject of “BBB 22” because of the participation of his grandson, Tiago Abravanel, asked the girl if she preferred “sex, money or power” after winning a freshman contest.

The case took place in 2016 in “Levanta-te”, a painting with children between 6 and 10 years old who sang with their mothers. After Silvio’s question, the jurors and the girl’s guardian even tried to hide it with laughter, but they were notably embarrassed.

The episode had wide repercussions on social networks and in the press, which made the image of the child even more exposed. In the process, the mother asked for compensation of R$ 998 thousand for moral damages. The court denied and determined the payment of R$ 50 thousand.

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