“Three hazelnuts for Cinderella”: broadcast dates on TV in December 2022

A dress for the ball, but it’s not a princess – also a must for Christmas 2022: “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” on TV, on Netflix and everywhere. You can read all the TV broadcast dates and where else you can watch the film indefinitely here.

Every year, the public broadcasters announce in advance when they will Broadcasts for “Three Nuts for Cinderella” have foreseen. Now are this year’s broadcast dates publicly been made. Even though you may have seen the film 100 times, you may not be familiar with the seven fun facts we present in this video:

“Three hazelnuts for Cinderella”: Then the fairy tale will be broadcast on TV in 2022

The dates are similar every year and in 2022 there will be no surprises and a sufficient number of broadcasts of “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella”. Safe and easy to remember: Every Sunday in Advent and of course on Christmas Eve you always have the chance to tune in. You can find the correct time in this table.

broadcast date TV station time
Sunday 27 November 2022 The first – ARD 3:35 p.m
Sunday 4 December 2022 BR 12:00 o’clock
Sunday 4 December 2022 WDR 3:05 p.m
Sunday 11 December 2022 MDR 4:35 p.m
Sunday 18 December 2021 NDR 13:00 ‘O clock
Saturday 24 December 2022 ARD – The First 1:40 p.m
Saturday 24 December 2022 NDR 4:05 p.m
Saturday 24 December 2022 ONE 6:50 p.m
Saturday 24 December 2022 WDR 8:15 p.m
Saturday 24 December 2022 SWR 11:10 p.m
Sunday 25 December 2022 RBB 3:35 p.m
Monday 26 December 2022 MDR 5:25 p.m
Saturday 31 December 2022 MR 1:15 p.m
Sunday 1 January 2023 SWR 2:10 p.m

More TV program tips in this overview:

“Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” in the stream, on DVD & Blu-ray – alternatives to TV broadcasting

Watching the classic from 1973 together on TV has its special charm. But if broadcast dates annoy you, here are your numerous alternatives:

Have you already seen the new edition of “Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella”?

A German-Polish remake of the popular classic was released in 2021. All fans have to decide for themselves whether this has enriched the world enormously. This is particularly cheap with the Amazon flat rate, because the work is included there.

Did you actually know that…? 6 facts about the film

  • The film was supposed to take place in the spring and summer, but because the DEFA employees were also supposed to work in the winter and were already busy for the summer, the director Václav Vorlíček had the screenplay rewritten for winter.
  • Another meeting of the dream couple You can see Libuše Šafránková and Pavel Trávníček in The Third Prince from 1982.
  • The fact that the bride rides alone at the end was not in the script. The prince was simply stuck in the snow and due to the already plowed snowy landscape, the scene could not be shot a second time.
  • Little roses on the ball is one of the absolute comedy highlights in the film. The actress Helena Růžičková had agreed with the director for the scene, but the prince had no idea. They say he went stiff with fright.
  • By the way, the real son of Helena Růžičková also plays: he is the kitchen boy.
  • If you’re still looking for a place to propose, Cinderella Castle is a popular place to do so. It is Moritzburg Castle near Dresden, where there is also an exhibition on the subject.

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