"Three and a half months of plaster and a month and a half of rehabilitation" : Valérie Trierweiler gives news since her elimination from "Beijing Express"

She was one of the emblematic faces of this new season of Beijing Express called “Duos de choc”. Valérie Trierweiler, former journalist for Paris Match, member of Les Grosses Têtes and above all former First Lady of France during the first years of François Hollande’s mandate, decided to embark on the adventure of Sri Lanka on behalf of the association of People Relief. Assisted by her best friend Karine, the companion of Romain Magellan gave everything during the tests, to the point of sometimes displaying a real rage to win. It must be said that the atmosphere with the other pairs of the adventure was not really always good.

The journalist and former rival of Ségolène Royal notably hung on a little with Inès Reg before resenting Valentin Léonard who had insidiously sent her in the wrong direction to waste her time. “I would not have liked to be in the Titanic with him“, released with a lot of humor the mother of Leonardo about the one who will have shown very little fair play until then it must be said.

Beyond these inconvenient obstacles, Valérie Trierweiler also saw her partner injured after receiving a violent blow from an elephant’s trunk. If Karine was able to continue the adventure, it was all the same with her wrist firmly bandaged that she had to face the remaining trials. Visibly solicited by many Internet users, the former First Lady therefore wished to give news of her friend.

Many of you ask me about @karine_pekin_express_16 after her accident. At the time, she thought the pain would pass. But on return and after a CT scan, it turned out that the scaphoid was broken. (thanks doctor @patrickbauwen). There followed three months of plaster and a month and a half of rehabilitation. Even today, she cannot lift anything with her left hand. So thank you again to her and thank you for the support you have given us. And thank you for flooding his account with messages!!!“, she wrote on her Instagram account.



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