Those eliminated from "Big Brother 2022" would seek to avoid the Georgina Barbarossa program: the reasons

It is common for participants who leave the house of “Big Brother 2022” visit the rest of the channel’s programs. As was the case with the first eliminated from the reality show, Thomas Holderwho He withdrew very angry from a live interview on the same reality signal.

The controversial competitor of the house of “GH” visited the program conducted by Georgina Barbarossa in the morning of telefe, “A la Barbarossa” after his departure. However, the competitor, who could re-enter thanks to the repechage that will take place, did not feel comfortable and threatened to retire.

“I say this and it would be good to finish the talk we are having. I am uncomfortable because I feel the comment from the table, I feel that they continue to disrespect me ”, he pointed Thomas Holder, while standing up. Although, the presenter asked her to stay a few more seconds to finish the interview.

As reported the pavada from Daily Chronicle, no matter how much the rating rises with the conflicts, according to what we found out, they have asked Analia Franchín Already Nancy Pazos in “A la Barbarossa” drop a change It has to do with the fact that those eliminated from the reality show would not be willing to sit in that living room, after what happened with the former player of ” Big Brother”and that is not beneficial.

Tomás Holder withdrew very upset from his interview with Georgina Barbarossa on Telefe.

The one that best led that visit was Blackberrybut not his companions. In other words, the children would not feel well treated and would be asking to ignore that program that is from the same station. It remains to know the decision of the production of the reality, since the expelled have their interview schedule prepared as soon as they leave the most famous house in the country.

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