Thor has to get away from the slapstick: Marvel star Chris Hemsworth wants to go in a new direction

In the interview, Chris Hemsworth spoke about his role as Marvel superhero Thor and expressed his desire to take a new direction in the next solo film.

Premiered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) this year is Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth solo film for an Avenger, in this case the titular Thunder God, portrayed by Chris Hemsworth. Taika Waititi is again directing this, after he had breathed new life into the film series with “Thor: Day of Decision” and made the previously rather pale-looking Thor become an absolute audience favorite. Admittedly, the character development in the brilliant “Avengers” films “Infinity War” and “Endgame” certainly did the rest.

However, “Love and Thunder” was not as well received by critics or audiences as its predecessor: on the ratings page Rotten Tomatoes the Marvel film received just 64 percent from the reviews, the audience was more merciful with 77 percent. “Day of Decision” still got a whopping 93 percent from the critics and 87 percent from the audience. As a result, the film grossed almost $100 million less at $760 million.

You can stream Thor’s solo adventures on Disney+

The biggest criticism that – interestingly – fans voiced is that “Love and Thunder” contains far too much humor, Thor at times shows almost too slapstick traits. In an interview with Josh Horowitz in Happy Sad Confused Podcast However, he made it clear that the next solo film would have to take a completely different direction:

“If you look at ‘Thor 1’ and ‘Thor 2’, they were quite similar. ‘Day of Decision’ and ‘Love and Thunder’ are similar. With ‘Infinity War’ and ‘Endgame’ I had a unique opportunity to do drastic things with the character. That gives me joy, I like to keep people on their toes. It keeps me busy. It keeps me going. I’ve said this before, but if it gets too familiar I run the risk of getting lazy because I know what I’m doing. I don’t know if I’ll ever be invited again [für einen fünften Film]but if it does, then it would have to take a drastically different direction in style, in everything, just for my own sanity…”

The 39-year-old recently revealed which direction: he wanted to die a hero’s death as Thor. After all, there can be nothing more beautiful for a Norse deity than to fall in battle and enjoy food and drink alongside his father Odin in the Valhalla palace of the gods, while swapping tales of battle. However, it is currently not known whether there will be a fifth solo film for Thor at all. However, we have already given some thought to this Video.

“Thor 5”: The creative responsibility needs to be better balanced

With the thematic change of direction in “Thor: Day of Decision”, Taika Waititi made a big Marvel hit with his debut. Instead of being somber and serious (and somehow without profile), Hemsworth’s Thor was much more relaxed, which was also reflected in a new head of hair. How much of this can be attributed to Waititi may not be entirely clear. He came on board as a newcomer, the screenplay was still from regular writers Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle and Christopher L. Yost. The fact that “Decision Day” was accompanied by a change of style is more likely to have been ordered by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Waititi’s style fitted well into this concept, which was more closely based on James Gunn’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The New Zealand filmmaker may have loosened up the screenplay with his humor.

The result was well received and Waititi wrote the screenplay for “Love and Thunder” together with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. And if you know Waititi’s films, then the fourth solo film bears more of his signature. In the case of a possible fifth and then certainly final “Thor”, it might not be so bad if the screenplay were put in other hands again, assuming Waititi returns as director. But maybe Feige would then bet on a completely different team anyway to complete the change of direction demanded by Hemsworth.

The actor is currently taking a break from acting after learning he was genetically at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

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