Thomaz Costa and Tati Zaqui enjoy an international trip after being sensitive to the end of their romance

Tati Zaqui and Thomaz Costa showed that the romance that begins in “The Farm” can last. After the elimination of the participants, marked by the expulsion of two pawns and a pawn becoming a joke on the internet, Tati and Thomaz shared moments together on an international trip. The two are in Cancún, Mexico, and joked about the situation.

The couple arrived in the Mexican city this Thursday (17) and joked: “From Itapecerica to Cancún”. Itapecerica is the place where the participants of “A Fazenda” are confined. Contrary to what was foreseen by a sensitive who nailed the end of the novel shortly after the program, Tati and Thomaz go together and the funk artist continues to share moments from the trip.

“People, I couldn’t wake up Thomaz at all🇧🇷 I even got it, but he doesn’t want to wake up, he wants to sleep, so I went down alone to eat because I’m starving”, said Tati. “This relationship doesn’t last three months. He don’t hold this woman no way because he is silly, juvenile for her“, declared Marcia Sensitiva before the couple’s trip.

Thomaz Costa jokes about being watched by a camera after A Fazenda 14


On Instagram, Thomaz also took the opportunity to talk about his moments in the rural reality show. “Guys, when you leave a reality show, you enter these ‘breezes’ here. You see the cameras looking at you. There was the all the time a camera like that, facing you🇧🇷 You would walk a little bit, and the camera would turn there together”, he said while filming the hotel camera.

Before the elimination of Ruivinha de Marte, who faced Roça alongside André Marinho after the musician was put on the spot for cheating on Strawberry Shortcake, Thomaz joked about the couple’s situation. “Imagine the eliminated from tomorrow leaving the asylum and seeing me and @tatizaqui in Cancun,” he wrote on Twitter.

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