Thomas Blachman insists he gave Tessa an apology: See his private message to Tessa

Thomas Blachman maintains that last year he gave Tessa an apology, after his ‘come and bang me’ comment at the ‘Zulu Awards 2021’.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Tessa took the magazine by the mouth when she in an Instagram video, among other things, rapped that she has never received any apology after the ‘X Factor’ judge at last year’s’ Zulu Awards’ in a speech of thanks exclaimed: ‘

‘Tessa, I’m in the phone book. Come and bang me and my beloved ‘.

BT has subsequently tried to get a comment from Thomas Blachman, but he does not want to stand for interview.

Via his personal assistant, he has instead sent the following quote, where he explains that last year he sent his apology to Tessa in a private Instagram message, which she allegedly did not see ..

‘I can understand that Tessa has not read the apology I sent to her after the‘ Zulu Awards ’on 5 May. But what the hell, I do not read all my messages either, “says Thomas Blachman, who adds:

‘I’m sorry again. That said, showbiz is showbiz. “

As proof, he sent a screenshot of his Instagram message to Tessa, where he wrote last year:

‘Dear Tessa. An attempt to praise you completely failed so herewith a serious sincere apology. Kh T. ‘

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See the message here:

Blachman's message to Tessa.

Blachman’s message to Tessa.
Photo: Private photo

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Below you can see Tessa’s rap for Thomas Blachman:

Here you can read the lyrics to Tessa’s rap:

‘Okay, the’ X Factor ‘commercial on my screen reminded me of an awards show where a stupid, stiff, old, reality star was talking shit that I did not respond to.’

‘Chose to keep quiet with everything I could say but now it’s going out so I put it on a beat’.

‘People think Tessa can take it because I’m B, but would your daughter like a popular granddaddy to say he wants to fuck a stranger and too young girl’?

‘Hope they give you a new category, 40 plus, no 18-year-old’.

‘Can not let you go free, old pig bass, there are several reasons why we are a mismatch’.

‘Your last hit, is older than me, far below your age, but far above your price range’.

‘If I fucked you, you would have a cardiac arrest, believe me, pictures had to be taken’.

‘But there is not enough viagra in the world for you to come near, of satisfying me’.

‘Great-grandfather wants to fuck Martin Jensen’.

‘Great-grandfather has a beautiful lady. If your girlfriend wants an orgasm, she can call ‘.

‘Read you have given me an apology on EB and BT. When did it happen? And to whom did you send it? At least I did not see it. ‘

‘Yep, you’re a boomer, and yep you were boozed, and not because you really hit me, but it shows it’s hollow when you talk MeToo, and it shows there’s still a long way to go’.

Back in May 2021, a few weeks after Thomas Blachman’s ‘Zulu’ thank-you speech, TV 2’s channel manager Dorthe Thirstrup acknowledged that the 58-year-old ‘X Factor’ judge had crossed the line.

“He often provokes to get his message across, but here a failed praise for Tessa instead became both inappropriate and over the line. We know that Blachman has sent an apology to Tessa and he has also apologized to us for his behavior at the ‘Zulu Awards’, “he told Extra Bladet.

Thomas Blachman’s ‘X Factor’ judge colleague Martin Jensen, who was also mentioned in the speech with words like ‘this one (the prize they won, ed.) Must stand over the fireplace in our bedroom, where we bang each other in the ass’, said subsequently to BT:

“It’s what works so well in a relationship that one keeps a cool head when the other occasionally loses it. I think I was trying to get us back on track, but he (Thomas Blachman, ed.) Can sometimes be a difficult man to keep quiet. “

Thomas Blachman at the 2021 Zulu Awards.

Thomas Blachman at the 2021 Zulu Awards.
Photo: Martin Sylvest

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Thomas Tlachman himself, like Tessa, did not initially choose to comment on the speech in public.

However, when TV 2 held a press conference back in September ahead of the new ‘X Factor’ season, he was met with questions from several media and said, among other things, to Extra Magazine:

“I rarely make mistakes, I would say. But that was probably the closest I’ve been. It was stupid, and then I have nothing more to say to it. “

He added in the same embrace that he had personally given Tessa an apology.

Transfer See and listen he added:

“It was insane – I have nothing else to say about it. I rarely meet the wall, but I probably did that night. “


Photo: PR photo

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