This zodiac sign has the least chance of finding true love in 2023

Not everyone is as romantic and in tune with their emotions as Pisces or Cancer. Indeed, some people are also very fearful when it comes to love precisely because they fear coming out of their shell! Coupled apprehension has very high expectations when it comes to Capricorn. And for good reason, this astrological earth sign is known to be eternally dissatisfied… and eternally single at the same time!

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Earth sign par excellence, Capricorn is a reasoned person. Thus, when he meets someone, this native tends to let go very little and to remain in control! Very attentive to the slightest detail, it is not uncommon for this astrological sign to remain stuck on an insignificant fact to justify the reason why he does not see himself “at all” in a relationship with the person he has just met!

Yet in search of a beautiful love story, this native much prefers to be alone than in bad company. Consequently, for him, there is no question of forcing things… And when there is doubt, there is none since this native also tends to turn away at the slightest annoyance.

Fortunately, with age and experience, Capricorn tends to lower their guard to give themselves a chance to meet true love! The ideal for this native? That a friendship turns into a beautiful love story without him even realizing it!


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