This Woman Has Struggled For Years Because Of…Vitamin Deficiency

Dietary deficiencies can set in insidiously, regardless of our age or our diet. And the warning signs are not always what you think. Witness the story of Carly Minsky, a young Englishwoman who had difficulty moving around for many years due to a vitamin 12 deficiency. DailyMail recently devoted an article to it (source 1).

Convinced of the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, the young woman gradually stopped eating meat and fish. At first, I felt good, she says. A year later, it’s a different story. “I started to feel very tired […] It wasn’t just fatigue, it was extreme fatigue,” she recalls, adding that she also gained weight.

I continued like this for six years, not knowing what was wrong, and in 2020, I could barely walk I was so exhausted, says the 33-year-old journalist.

Fearing a thyroid gland problem, the young woman finally consults her general practitioner who prescribes blood tests. This is how the diagnosis is made: the young woman suffers from a severe vitamin B12 deficiency. The young woman continued to include cheese, eggs and milk in her diet, but her vitamin B12 levels had dropped significantly. “My GP told me I was at the bottom of the scale and needed immediate B12 injections. It was a huge shock. I had no idea I was making myself so sick.”

The young woman even had to receive vitamin injections every other day for six weeks. She was then able to maintain her diet, provided she took dailyvitamin B12 tablets. “I’m starting to feel better,” she says.

As a reminder, vitamin B12 is mainly found in products of animal origin: meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, etc.). It is involved in many key functions of our body, including brain health and the production of red blood cells.

A deficiency can therefore lead to many health problems:

  • anemia (low iron level in the blood),
  • great fatigue,
  • shortness of breath,
  • nerve problems
  • and mental health issues.

But at an advanced stage, it can also be the cause of heart palpitationsof a muscular weakness and motor difficultiesas was the case for Carly Minsky.

A simple blood test can confirm any concerns. And the deficiency – if proven can be supported with food supplements.

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