“This was not for girls like me”: the dream that Francisca Lachapel fulfilled when she married Francesco Zampogna

In one of the most important events of the year for Latin entertainment in USAthe host of “Wake up America”, Francesca Lachapel, married last Friday with the Italian Francesco Zampogna, with whom she already has a son. As if it were her from a princess tale, the marriage was perfect for her and her entire family.

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During all the days that she celebrated her religious union, the presenter born in the Dominican Republic felt like a princess, just as she had dreamed of since she was just a girl. Now, as an established and successful adult, she was able to fulfill what she once saw as distant and impossible.

The host of “Wake up America” ​​married Francesco Zampogna (Photo: Francisca Lachapel / Instagram)


On his return to hosting the program “Wake up AmericaAfter a few days of rest for his wedding, Lachapel told some details about the party, the ceremony and everything he felt when saying yes to the father of his son.

With some tears in her eyes, the Dominican said that everything seen in images has been something she dreamed of since she was a girl and did not have the necessary resources to get ahead with her father. Even she believed that it was not allowed for people like her.

“I cry with happiness, with gratitude to God who made me live a dream. When I was a child those things were not allowed for girls like me. I remember many times, when I was a girl, marrying a man like that were things that were not allowed to me, and suddenly having everything that same day, the union of his family, of mine ”commented.

But all this was not only a dream of his, it was also something that he had discussed with his mother, who had to take care of her children after becoming a widow at an early age. Despite the fact that she did not have enough resources, she supported her entire family.

“With moments like this, seeing her so happy, so full, when she saw herself in her beautiful dress, with makeup, she looked like a queen. I have no way to repay God for so many blessings, it was not only Francesco and Francisca’s day, it was my family’s day, it was her family’s day, it was a very beautiful union ”he added.

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Although everyone might believe that getting married is something that only women want, they are very wrong and French Zampogna It is the faithful example of this, since, as Francisca stated, he also wanted to live a moment like this and see his family together celebrating love.

“Francesco was a very involved boyfriend, for him it was also a dream, I have an image of him crying when we arrived at the house and his father was carrying Gennaro, he told me: ‘I waited so long for that moment, to see my family so united’”said the driver.

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