This was Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey’s relationship outside of Grey’s Anatomy

The series managed to impose itself at the time of choosing a person for their entertainment and if there is one that has given everything to its fans, it is Grey’s Anatomy, fiction that is currently running its 18th season. A unique event that viewers experienced in the last installment was Derek Shepherd’s return, interpreted by Patrick Dempsey, who was out of fiction does not have the relationship we all imagined with Ellen Pompeo.

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A bomb exploded in recent weeks on the show created by Shonda Rhimes, as Isaiah Washington said Pompeo received $ 5 million for not reporting Dempsey’s abuses. The actor assured that Derek’s interpreter was a toxic and unpleasant person. That is why here we will review how the couple got on behind the scenes and if there is any indication of the scandalous lawsuit.

“This was obviously the right time.”, assured Patrick in 2015 when he retired from the show, and also dedicated heartfelt words to Pompey: “Beautiful chemistry. It’s magic. We are a married couple. It’s been 10 years and it was magical from the beginning “. In the imaginary of the fans it is believed that they maintained a great friendship, however this was completely different and it was confirmed that they were apart for a long time.

In 2018, three years after the departure of Dempsey of the series, Ellen chatted with the podcast Red Table Talk and was consulted about the relationship with the interpreter. Against all odds, confessed that they never crossed a message in years: “I have no hard feelings towards him, he is a wonderful actor and we did, you know, the best television we could do together.”. He then said: “Normally, when they leave the program, they need to reconnect with themselves”.

This makes it clear to us that friendship did not cross the screen as we believed, but each time they had the opportunity, they sent loving messages for sharing a cast for so many years and there does not seem to be a fight between them over the Washington complaint. Luckily for the fans, in season 17 they were able to see Derek and Meredith together again., in what was one of the most special moments of the delivery. “We all cried and we all had a lot of emotional movement. It was very healing.”, assured Patrick To come back.

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