This very This Is Us-style series has only one season and is on Netflix

In 2016, This Is Us came to NBC to become one of the most critically acclaimed series but above all by viewers. Since then, users have been 100% engaged with the Pearson story and they accompanied the series in its five seasons. The final installment will be released in January and that already saddens many of his fans. But there is nothing to worry about because a very similar series is available on Netflix.

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Although its plot is different from that created by Dan Fogelman, it is inevitable to find common ground between them. Is about Sisters, which is part of the Red N catalog and had its official premiere in 2018. The best part? It can be seen very quickly because it has only one season with 7 episodes of approximately 45 minutes each one, in which drama and comedy are combined in equal parts.

The fiction has as its protagonist Julia, a woman with a very particular father. This man was a pioneer in fertility and now that he is dying, he decides to make an unusual confession: he used his sperm on patients. In this way, your daughter discovers that has hundreds of brothers and only two sisters. One of them is a very troublesome TV star and the other is a lawyer who never relaxes.

Sisters it was created by Imogen Banks y Jonathan Gavin and produced by Nicole O’Donahue. It was originally broadcast in Australia, the country where the project was conceived, during 2017. But by September 2018, Netflix adopted it as one of its original series. Its success was such that in 2019, Fox began preparing an American remake that finally adopted the title. Almost Family and that it was developed by Annie Weisman.

If you have enjoyed This Is Us, you should not miss out on this production that features the performances of Maria Angelico, Lucy Durarck, Antonia Prebble, Barry Otto y Charlie Garber. The cast is also completed by Dan Spielman, Roy Billing, Magda Szubanski, Catherine McClements, Lindsay Farris and Zindzi Okenyo.

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