This tan accelerator finally back in stock is a hit on TikTok, the results are crazy

The subject of numerous crash tests on the social network, this The Fox Tan tan accelerator offers surprising results.

Fast and effective, the “before after” seen by TikTokeurs just 20 to 30 minutes after applying Rapid Mist are mind-blowing.

A girly bottle for a hot tan

We will finally be able to tan quickly without having to spend the whole day making pancakes on your beach towel!
Presented in a flashy colored spray bottle, thistan accelerator The Fox Tan never stops talking about him.
Specially designed to accelerate the tanning process, this lotion contains an exclusive ingredient called FoxComplex which consists of increasing your body’s production of melanin, to obtain a darker and more intense tan after only a few minutes of exposure to the sun.

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Use before and after applying sunscreen, this tan accelerator penetrates quickly and allows you to spend less time in the sun, while sporting a tan never seen before. Available for less than 18€ on Amazon, we totally love this product to shop urgently before the holidays to be the most tanned on the beach this summer, even when we have little time to bask in the sun.

Original Fox Tan Rapid Mist Tanning Accelerator, €17.90

or in watermelon version here

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