This star of"Deal done" finds himself with a debt of 8 million euros left by his mother!

“When I left the father of my children, I left with nothing at 4 am, with two suitcases under my arm and my bassinets”. This is what Caroline Margeridon said, in the columns of Entertainment TV. The show buyer Deal done, on France 2 didn’t always have the means it has today. And his divorce is far from having been his first test, in the matter.

“I don’t know how to forgive

Indeed, this week in the columns of Gala, the ex-best friend of Pierre-Jean Chalençon reveals that she cut ties with her parents due to a serious money problem. She assumes:My mother died a year ago. Last time I saw her I was 22 – and I’m going to be 56“. And to add: “My mother asked to see me before she died, like my father two years earlier, I refused. I don’t know how to forgive“.

Caroline Margeridon has never forgiven them for the childhood they made her live. If she has already said that she was raised in luxury, she tempers: “outside, we were seen as the ideal family with the Jaguars, the house in Deauville, the polo horses, but at home it was hell”.

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And the flea market to add: “My only childhood memory is when I locked myself in my room so as not to hear their incessant arguments. Maybe that’s why from the start, I didn’t like my father“. Regarding his mother, if Caroline Margeridon admits that she was “stuck to it, like a mussel to its rock”, and that she has “stopped the school to follow it on the markets”, it was a colossal debt that ended up separating them.

“I ended up with 8 million debts

Indeed, the star of the paf ensures: “She was a gambler, like her own mother. I ended up with 8 million debts to save her from bankruptcy… One day, I had to cut the cord“About this premature transition to adulthood, Sophie Davant’s colleague comments: “When I left, I never asked my parents for a penny. And when they died, I didn’t want to hear about their legacy. I didn’t want anything“. And she never looked back again.


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