This role was played by kids from J.Lo and Ben at the wedding

Jennifer Lopez (52)’ and Ben Afflecks (49) Las Vegas pastor chats out of the sewing box! With their love comeback, the two stars brought children into the relationship: with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner (50) got ben the three children Samuel, Seraphina (13) and Violet (16). J.Lo and her ex Marc Anthony (53) are parents to twins Emme (14) and Maximilian (14). But after the intimate wedding, it was announced just days ago that only two of the five children were celebrating with their parents – Seraphina and Emme played a special role in this!

Like the Pastor, the J.Lo and ben in Las Vegas now faced that Peoplemagazine revealed the kids were the couple’s best man: “You would have to be 18 to be legal witnesses, but I allowed the kids to sign the document”, the pastor stated in an interview – the official license would have been signed by an employee of the church. There were also no professional photographers during the ceremony – the kids took it with them bens Handy during the wedding lots of photos.

“You could see they were close too, had a good relationship, really liked each other. They were very excited and you could tell they were really happy“, the pastor also raved about the children of the superstars. He also found loving words for the newly wed couple: “I really believe that they are meant for each other.”

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Jennifer Lopez with her daughter Emme in June 2022
Ben Affeck and Jennifer Lopez in February 2022
Ben Affleck and his children in July 2021

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