This “retouched” photo of Kate Middleton shocks the British: “Disrespectful”

The front page of the Daily Mirror has people talking in the UK. This Monday, November 14, on the front page of its issue, the English newspaper published a retouched (or missed?) photo of Princess Kate Middleton on Remembrance Day, which took place on Friday, November 11. On the picture, the wife of prince William is simply unrecognizable. Hollowed features, graying complexion, dark circles marked… The photo absolutely does not put Kate Middleton in value. Worse, it looks like the Princess is 20 years older than her age.

“Shameful what the Daily Mirror did in the face of the Princess of Wales,” Dickie Arbiter, Queen Elizabeth II’s former press secretary, tweeted. He also took the opportunity to correct the information relayed by the British media: “And note to the editor: his Royal Highness did not lead the salute to the dead, she was a spectator. The King led the salute – this title is worse than The Crown.”

Same story on the side of Internet users, who believe that this photo is “disrespectful” and “disgusting”. “They should definitely send an apology for this shot. Either the photographer needs a little training, or the editor is,” one person claims on Twitter. “Why this horrible Photoshop retouching on the Princess of Wales? It’s so mean and disrespectful for her on this solemn day when she does her duty and pays tribute to fallen war heroes”, asks another Internet user. “Disgusting, disrespectful and humiliating for Princess Catherine… Yet another proof that shows how despicable this newspaper is”, can we also read on the social network.

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