This Netflix series surpassed The Squid Game as the most watched in the United States according to Nielsen

The audience meter Nielsen It is mainly characterized by publishing weekly the numbers of what the United States viewers saw the most on both television and streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu TV. These companies do not usually show their real figures, so their reports arrive almost a month late.

During the last four weeks, the one who had led the Top 10 by far was The Squid Game. Of course, this series has established itself as the most chosen premiere in the history of the N platform, so the contagion of his fury reached different parts of the world. Nevertheless, Americans changed their choice and ranked other very popular content at the top.

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+ The most watched series on Netflix US

According to the latest update from Nielsen, Netflix’s most watched series between the week of October 18-24 was You with 2,682 million minutes played. The third season of the show starring Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley was one of the most anticipated, considering that more than two years have passed since the second batch of episodes.

In these new chapters the story continued with Joe and Love newly married and with their first baby, arriving in Northern California where they hope to live in a more peaceful way. There is no doubt that fans of fiction have been captivated, and that is why made enough merit to surpass The Squid Game. The Korean show ranked second that week with 1,682 million minutes played, a high figure with respect to other contents of the ranking.

Things to clean stayed in third position with 865 million minutes, after having premiered at the beginning of the month and ranks among the public’s favorites for the year. The rest of the Top 10 is completed with Shameless (851 M), Cocomelon (851 M), Locke & Key (637 M), In The Dark (608 M), Seinfeld (595 M), The Blacklist (586 M) y NCIS (540 M).

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