This March 14, 2023, it’s Pi’s party: ha-∏ day!

It is again today the day of Pi, noted ∏. His fans – there are many of them – celebrate him all over the world. This ha-∏ day is also a salute to Albert Einstein who would have celebrated his birthday at more than 140 years old.

In memory of Jean-Luc Goudet, we republish this article today in addition to those of the CNRS.

Today, Tuesday March 14, 2023, or 3/14/23 in English symbolism, mathematicians celebrate the number Pi, of which 3.1416 is rounded to four decimal places. In 2015, on the same day, fans of this irrational had already not missed the opportunity since 3.1415 is the exact beginning of this magic number. Some also take advantage of July 22 (also noted as 07/22), arguing that 22 divided by 7 gives a good approximation of Pi.

In short, Pi fans like to glorify this number useful to the wise. As would have said ArchimedesArchimedes if we are to believe the most famous mnemonic device for remembering the first decimal places (before the computerscomputers): “That I love to make known a number useful to the wise. Immortal Archimedes, engineer artist. Who of your judgment can value the value? For me, your problem had similar advantages. (the numbers of letters of each word give the successive digits 3.14159265…). To find more, with many other games of all kinds, nothing beats a stroll on the many websites of these happy mathematicians, such as ” Pi’s universe “. Serious but clear, a video by Mickaël Launay details some of the mysteries of ∏: Travel diaries of the number Pi.

Pi’s day is also Einstein’s day

Tonight, we will eat pies, as the site explains Pi Daybecause the pie is round (and good) and everything that is round is Pi. Also, in English, we say “magpie”. Today is also, and it is not nothing, the anniversary of the date of birth ofAlbert Einsteinwhich was born on March 14, 1879. It is also the day Stephen Hawking died.

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